Climate Change: The Impacts on Corporate Strategy

Organized by Chapter Zero France  in collaboration with Deloitte, Cefic and Danone.

Date: 05/02/2021

Three takeaways

The speaker’s reflections converge on the fact that:

  • Engaging with the Board on climate change: 1) proposing a strategic roadmap exercise, than a risk and stranded assets only discussion; 2) addressing carbon-neutrality and competitiveness in an integrated way, as they both command the future “license to operate”; 3) talking about “impact” instead of tons of CO2 emissions.
  • The complexity and the diversity of the effects that contribute to emissions is so high that only data-driven, pareto-approaches can help focus on the few most impactful levers that the Board should be involved with.
  • No “business as usual”: climate change calls for a shift in the way companies operate, in particular with regards to their cooperation in broader eco-systems (vertical integration, circular economy…) in order to make carbon neutrality a collective and winning game.
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Video highlights

Pressure from investors and regulators mounts on corporations

Competition will be extremely fierce

In the case of Danone, agriculture is the main source of CO2 emissions

Q&A 2

Reframe fundamental questions in order to be able to accomplish the required thought revolution

Use company's strengths to advance climate agenda

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