From carbon budget to business decarbonisation strategy

From carbon budget to business decarbonisation strategy

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Corporate climate accountability indicators for non-executive directors to enlightening company’s relevant strategic decisions.

Chairs and board members must provide independent oversight on corporate transition risks management, i.e. the business viability in a low carbon economy, which requires forward looking and benchmark data.

Co-founded by ADEME and CDP, the ACT – Assessing low Carbon Transition initiative – provides an international framework to approach business decarbonization issues in a broad perspective.

The objective of this webinar is to share, with non-executive directors from key strategic sectors for low carbon economy achievement, some key knowledge and practices that allow them to understand, evaluate the credibility, and challenge their companies’ decarbonization strategy, objectives and associated roadmap.

Event speakers :

  • French Ministry of Economy and Finance Charlotte Gardes, deputy head of the sustainable finance, corporate law, accounting standards and corporate governance unit
  • ADEME (French Agency for Ecological Transition) – Romain Poivet, Climate project manager
  • LafargeHolcim – representative to be confirmed
  • ENI – representative to be confirmed

Moderator :

  • World Benchmarking Alliance Vicky Sins, lead decarbonisation and energy transformation

This is an international event which will be held in English.

This webinar is organized as part of the Global Summit of the Climate Governance Initiative of the World Economic Forum. More information can be found here: Climate Governance Initiative.

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jeudi 25 mars 2021 @ 16:00 à


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